“The Navigator”
By Ravi K. Sangisetty

Colleagues, Clients, Friends & Family-

Welcome to “The Navigator,” the Sangisetty Law Firm’s blog, designed to address trends and timely topics pertinent to South Louisiana’s legal landscape.

Our mission at Sangisetty Law Firm is to help clients to overcome challenges that require legal help beyond the ordinary. Using tenacity, intellect, commitment and creativity, we work to secure outcomes that far exceed expectations.

As we approach highly-complex, difficult cases that many other law firms may not feel – or be — capable to handle, we are equipped to foresee issues legal professionals of yesterday will not be able to tackle tomorrow.

The Navigator will provide insight into how our willingness and ability to undertake long-term, high-stakes litigation for clients seeking justice and resolution can lead to favorable results.


Ravi K. Sangisetty

Sangisetty Law Firm