By Parker Hutchinson
June 2016

When multiple plaintiffs throughout the U.S. bring claims against the same Defendants and when those claims involve similar questions of fact, the lawsuits are frequently transferred to one federal court for coordinated pre-trial proceedings.  In these “multi-district litigations,” or MDLs, the Court applies federal law to procedural matters, fact discovery, and disputes over evidence.  However, the merits of each state law claim remain at all times governed by the individual states’ laws.

The New Orleans-based Sangisetty Law Firm has considerable experience navigating these complex litigations for our Louisiana clients with Louisiana tort claims in MDLs taking place both in Louisiana—for example, the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Xarelto Products Liability Litigations —but also elsewhere—for example, the In re General Motors LLC Ignition Switch Litigation in New York, New York.

But our capabilities do not end there.  Because MDL courts frequently permit attorneys in good standing in federal courts elsewhere to appear on behalf of an MDL plaintiff, Sangisetty Law is able to bring its experience navigating these complex lawsuits to clients nationwide.  Our attorneys are skillful and thorough researchers who will analyze the facts of your case under the laws of your state and tailor your lawsuit appropriately to the strongest legal theories and grounds for recovery.  It is what we do every day, for plaintiffs from Oregon to Georgia, who have been injured by prescription drugs like Zofran or household products like talcum powder.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss drafting, filing, and fighting for your claims, no matter where you are.