Practice Areas

Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are often life-changing events that impact both victims and their loved ones….

Auto & Trucking Collisions

When you or a family member is injured on the road, we can help you navigate the complicated federal regulations governing highway safety or the local regulations governing everyday travel….

Business Litigation

No one knows your business better than you do.  In order to litigate our clients’ business issues effectively, Sangisetty Law Firm takes a hands-on approach….

Administrative Law & Investigations

Sangisetty Law Firm has experience instituting and defending a wide variety of administrative matters and investigations, such as professional licensing, permitting, and ethics….

Insurer Bad Faith

When calling your insurer to inquire about an accident or problem, you are entitled under the law to all information about your policy, including a complete disclosure of the full benefits and extent of coverage….

Maritime Litigation

Maritime claims are claims in which a Federal Court can exercise admiralty jurisdiction.  Admiralty and maritime law draw from the U.S. Constitution…

Complex Medical & Drug Cases

Although the safety of prescription drugs and medical devices is regulated by the federal government, manufacturers’ practices to skirt these regulations—such as mis-marketing products, withholding information…

Employment Litigation & Consulting

Sangisetty Law Firm has experience representing both employee and employer plaintiffs in their work-related disputes.  For employees, we are skilled in Title VII claims….


Sangisetty Law Firm excels in arguing cases where the law is unsettled, convoluted, or unclear.  Our attorneys are skilled writers and researchers with the aptitude to comprehend and explain the law….

Medical Malpractice

Many law firms scramble for as many cases as possible and aim to settle them quickly. Sangisetty Law Firm rejects this “revolving door” approach for one reason: serious injuries require serious….